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20 TV Shows About Angels and Demons

If I had previously posted about angels and devil themed films, this time I would write a list of TV Series that talked about angels and demons. Topics like this seem so interesting to discuss. It is seen from many movie industry that lift it into TV Series. There are some quite interesting theories and persona that angels have in these following TV Series.

1. Supernatural (2005-)

Tells about the two brothers who follow in the footsteps of the father in becoming a hunter. Not ordinary hunters, they hunt supernatural beings like evil spirits, monsters, demons, and deities that inhabit Earth. Also of course there are various angels and demons in this TV Series. As they seek their lost father, these two brothers help many people with the supernatural problems they face.

2. Dominion (TV Series 2014-)

It is arguable that this TV show is a continuation of the Legion (2010) movie. Twenty-five years ago God disappeared. His angels came down to Earth and declared war with humans. Angel Gabriel led the angelic forces and intend to destroy all humanity from the world and to rule over everything. High angels refuse to follow him. Only a weak angel followed Gabriel.

But Michael, the highest angel, chose to fight and help humans. With his help, humans can safely make thick walls to protect themselves. Only "the Chosen One" can save the entire human race.

3. Lucifer (TV Series 2015-)

Lucifer Morningstar, the Ruler of Hell decided to live on Earth to learn and understand humans. He joined LAPD as a consultant and assisted people with his telepathic and magic skills. While he was trying to learn the deepest desires of every human being, Lucifer also helped to uphold the law in Los Angeles, the city of angels.

4. Damien (TV Series 2016)

To end the entire creation of God, Satan lifted up a child who would rule over the whole world, as it had been prophesied. After knowing his true identity, Damien Thorn realized he was the Antichrist and had to adapt to his new life. What is the story of an ordinary man who has his own emotions and personality but is forced to become Antichrist?

5. The Messengers (TV Series 2015)

A mysterious object struck the Earth and caused a group of unknown people to die because of the energy emitted from the object. A few hours later the strangers began to return to life and are now given a task by a mysterious figure named "The Man". Perhaps these people are the only hope to prevent the end of the world.

6. Reaper (TV Series 2007-)

At the time of his 21st birthday, Sam was told that before Sam was born, Sam's parents had sold Sam's soul to Satan. Now Sam must obey all Satan's orders until he dies. Watch how funny Sam works when he runs the various missions given by Satan.

7. Sleepy Hollow (TV Series 2013-)

This TV Series will tell about the Doomsday where there is an angel named Orion who escapes from Purgatory aka Fire of Sanctification. As a former Heavenly member, Orion is a fanatic angel who wants to cleanse the whole world from all sin. He views man as a waste and full of sin. There is also a figure of Satan who made various agreements with humans, to take their souls.

There is a figure of Molokh, a figure of god who was often worshiped in the past by burning human babies alive. Molokh is the figure that will start the Doomsday, and raise the Four Horsemen.

8. South of Hell (TV Series 2015-)

Maria Abascal is an amazing demon hunter with her mighty power. But behind it all, Mary also had a demon hidden inside her. The devil inside Mary is a demon in a real meaning. She was named Abigail who lived in Mary and gave Mary strength. Abigail likes to eat the other demons that Maria fight. They both have different souls and fate. On the one hand, Mary tried to expel and get rid of Abigail. On the other hand, Abigail will do anything to be a part of Mary forever.

9. Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments (TV Series 2016-)

Clary Fray is a ordinary teenager living in Brooklyn with her mother. One day, she realized that she was one of the Shadowhunter; human beings born with the blood of angels in their bodies. The Shadowhunter struggled to protect our world from the devil. After her mother was kidnapped, Clary had to work with three Shadowhunter: Jace, Alec, Isabelle and her close friend Simon on a quest to find her mother and restore her past.

10. The X-Files (TV Series 1993-)

Tells about two FBI agents named Fox Mulder and Dana Scully working in a secret bureau called X-Files to investigate cases related to paranormal phenomena that are difficult to explain with logic. Mulder was a believer in supernatural matters, while Scully was a skeptic. They will both investigate and look at those cases from a scientific and paranormal perspective.

11. Angel (TV Series 1999-)

A vampire named Angelus, now known as Angel but has a human soul. He had done terrible crimes in the past and was looking for a way to redeem his sins. While he was seeking forgiveness and trying to dispel his past, he moved from Sunnydale to Los Angeles, where he assisted those who were disturbed by the supernatural beings who prey on them.

12. Charmed (TV Series 1998-)

Tells about three women who are descendants of magicians. Each has special abilities such as: stopping time, moving objects with the mind, and seeing the future. In addition these three beautiful sisters can also combine their ability to fight demons, witches, and other crimes.

13. Constantine (TV Series 2014-)

The boundary between Earth and Hell is getting thinner. The demons claim to have found a way to get into the human world. Meanwhile, the master of the dark arts named John Constantine, is currently having a faith crisis. John had regrets in the past that made him voluntarily go to a mental hospital to forget the pain. But when Constantine learned of an upcoming catastrophe, he had to rise from his downfall to protect the entire human race.

14. Penny Dreadful (TV Series 2014-)

In this TV Series, Drakula is described as the first vampire who is an fallen angel from Heaven and is a Lucifer brother. They were expelled from Heaven after failing to take over the throne of God. Lucifer was thrown to hell and ate the soul of the dead, while his brother was condemned on Earth and drank living blood. Therefore he became the first vampire. There is a prediction if the original vampire bites a human named Vanessa Ives (the main character), then a new era full of darkness alias End Time will begin.

15. Grimm (TV Series 2011-)

At this TV show, Devil is described as a living creature in the volcano and causes the volcano to erupt when angry. The devil considers that nature is theirs and will be angry if something is stolen. The exact number of the demon is unknown, but many live in the volcano. The main character is a detective who realizes that he is a descendant of a hunter of supernatural beings.

16. Preacher (TV Series 2016-)

In this TV Series there is a creature named Genesis which is the origin of angels and demons. One day, one Genesis fell to Earth and entered the body of Jesse Custer, the main character. From then on Jesse has a great ability to control anyone at will. He can even call the angels and send people to Hell. After Genesis escaped from Heaven, there were two angels descending to Earth. They transform into human and plan to extract Genesis from Jesse's body.

17. Midnight, Texas (TV Series 2017-)

Midnight is a special place for unusual people in different parts of the world. It is a safe and comfortable paradise for vampires, magicians, killers, and even angels. They have an incredible background and work together to face various dangers. At this TV Show there is an angel named Joe Strong who lives on Earth to wait for prophecy about apocalypse to stop him.

18. Outcast (TV Series 2016-)

Kyle Barnes is a man with a very bad luck. Her childhood was often tortured by her mother and when he had children, Kyle was accused of having beaten his own daughter. Since he was a kid, Kyle had a supernatural disturbance that he could not explain. But on the other hand, mysteriously Kyle also had the ability to cast out demons. Eventually he decided to work with a priest named Reverend Anderson to save the people who were disturbed by evil spirits.

19. The Exorcist (TV Series 2016-)

A Pastor and an exorcist must save a demon-possessed family. The Pastor is named Father Tomas, while the Exorcist is named Father Marcus. Both must fight the devil who attacked the family, as well as the devil in themselves. Meanwhile, both of them also have to face personal problems and their life struggle. It is recommended to watch The Exorcist (1973) film first, before watching this TV Series. It will more exciting and more interesting as it says the TV Series is a continuation of the film.

20. Wynonna Earp (TV Series 2016-)

Wynonna Earp has a dark past with her family. She had been jailed several times and entered a mental hospital because people think that she was crazy. After she realized that the devil was real, Wynonna joined her other family to become a supernatural hunter who hunts devils and monsters.


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