Thursday, April 12, 2018

21 Interesting Films About Angels and Demons

They are protectors. They are keepers. They can also help you. Not infrequently they also cross to the evil side and create chaos. In the history of Hollywood cinema, angelic figures are often depicted in different characters. The figure of angels and devils stick with death-themed movies and life after death. What would happen to Hollywood movies without the presence of this one figure. With its diverse portrayals, read the following list of movies to find out what looks and figures of angels and demons in Hollywood movies.

1. The Devil's Advocate (1997)

Kevin Lomax was a lawyer who never lost the trial. Devil's Advocate, which means demonic advocate, is a nickname for lawyers who try desperately to defend the guilty person. But Kevin never thought that he was actually really helped by the devil. It makes Kevin always able to face all the problems and win every trial. After knowing it, it's time for Kevin to replied the goodness of the devil's heart. There is an adult scene.

2. Constantine (2005)

The boundary between Earth and Hell is getting thinner. The demons claim to have found a way to enter the human world. While the master of the dark arts, John Constantine was troubled by his faith. When John is trying to uncover a suicide case of a girl, he realizes that the demons are trying to get into the human world. Now John must rise to protect all mankind.

3. Ghost Rider (2007)

When Johnny Blaze's father had end-stage cancer, he entered into an agreement with a demon named Mephistopheles. Johnny sold his soul to heal his father, but the devil lied to Johnny and his father died in a motorcycle accident. Johnny finally decided to go to town, leaving his father's business and his girlfriend Roxanne. Several years later, Johnny Blaze has become a famous and great biker.

Then he was approached by Mephistopheles and asked to become a "Ghost Rider" in order to defeat the son of Mephistopheles an evil demon named Blackheart, who wanted to turn Earth into hell.

4. Dogma (1999)

A worker in an abortion clinic is assigned to protect all humanity from two angels who have been banished from Heaven. Along the way, he was assisted by two prophets named Jay and Silent Bob. With the help of a 13th Apostle named Rufus, they must stop those angels who want to disrupt the universe and re-enter Heaven.

Various responses sprang up when Kevin Smith's DOGMA movie was launched on the market. Some people like this movie and some people do not like it. All of that is due to the characterization of two angels in it named Bartleby and Loki. Both are played by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Both angels are not hesitate to say F*ck and also casually explaining the story of Sodom Gomorrah.

5. Meet Joe Black (1998)

Bill Parrish is a 65 year old rich man. Soon he will die and meet the angel of death named Joe Black. Bill makes a deal with Joe to extend his life. Joe agreed to the agreement on condition that Bill should take Joe go around in the human world and learn about life. Everything went smoothly until Joe fell in love with Bill's beautiful daughter Susan. Eventually Joe changes his mind and wants to change his deal with Bill to get the girl's heart.

6. Drag Me to Hell (2009)

Christine Brown is a bank officer. She is worried that she will facing tough competition with her co-workers for promotion. Fearing to loss, Christine decides to refuse an old lady's money loan called Ganush. As a result of Christine's actions, Ganush's home was confiscated and now she loses everything. The old lady finally took revenge by giving a curse to Christine so she was taken to hell for a few days.

Now Christine must try to free herself from the curse with the help of a shaman. Since this is a movie about hell, of course there will be many disgusting and horrific scenes.

7. The Ninth Gate (1999)

Tells the story of a rare book seller named Dean Corso (Johnny Depp). He was looking for the last two copies of a demon book, but he was involved in a case of supernatural conspiracy. Where Dean has found a rare book entitled The Nine Dark Lord's Gates which he said was written with the help of Lucifer in the 1666.

8. Devil (2010)

A group of people are trapped inside an elevator where there is a mysterious figure who is actually a demon are among them. Strange sequence of events began to occur, along with the mysterious people who committed suicide in the building. A detective who was grieving over the death of his family, was assigned to investigate the case.

9. City of Angels (1998)

Seth is an angel assigned to escort the dead to the next world. Seth never thought that he would fall in love with a woman named Maggie. Maggie is a smart young doctor and devotes her life to her patients. Seth decides to approach Maggie, but he must also decide whether he will continue to do his duties as an angel or descend to Earth to become human.

10. End of Days (1999)

On December 28, 1999, New York City residents were preparing to celebrate the new year. However, Satan comes to town and plans to mess things up. He enters a man's body, and seeks a wife, a 20-year-old woman named Christine York. If Christine had a child at 11:00 on New Year's Eve, the world would end, and the only hope lay with an atheist former police officer named Jericho Cane, who no longer believed in God for the murder of his wife and daughter.

11. Legion (2010)

God has lost faith in man. He decided to send the angel army to come down to Earth and announce the end of the world. But among all the angels, there is one angel who still believes in man. Michael, decided to come down to Earth to save a child who will be the only hope of mankind. The last time God lost faith in man, there was a big flood. This time what will happen?

12. Fallen (1998)

John Hobbes was convinced that when a murderer named Edgar Reese was executed, all the trouble was over. But when a series of murders begin to happen again, it looks very similar to Reese's deeds. Hobbes was told that perhaps the fallen Angel named Azazel is the mastermind behind all this. Azazel was cursed and throw away to Earth without form, and he could change form and faces at will, which made it difficult to trace.

When Hobbes kills a man who is actually Azazel, he must clear his name while protecting his family and others from the people and from the Devil himself.

13. Stigmata (1999)

Stigmata is a sign of the wound of the Cross of Jesus that suddenly appeared on the body of a person like the nail pit in the hands and feet, the bloody wound around the head due to the crown of thorns, the wounds caused by whiplashes throughout the body and other signs that exactly like the pattern wounds of torture on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

This film tells the story of a young woman in the US who began to show signs of stigmata, the wounds of Christ. The pastor of the Vatican decided to come to her because she is increasingly beset by stigmata. The pastor began to be shocked and questioned what Christianity has actually striven for over the last 1900 years.

14. Michael (1996)

Two journalists named Frank Quinlan and Kwik Driscoll, along with an angelicologist named Dorothy Winters, went to the Iowa countryside to investigate the claims of an elderly woman who lived with an angel named Michael. After the three men arrived, it was true that it was Michael. But the angel they think are very different from their expectations. Michael likes to smoke, drink beer, have a high libido and rude talking.

If there were not two wings attached to his back, no one would believe that he was an angel. Michael finally agreed to travel to Chicago with the three of them. The journey that they will do will changing their lives forever.

15. The Prophecy (1995)

The angel Gabriel came to Earth to gather souls who would end the war in Heaven. Gabriel would not hesitate to kill anyone who tried to stop him, or even resurect the undead troops to carry out his plan. A former pastor named Thomas Dagget has now become a police officer. He was dragged into this terrible battle, that only he and a little girl could stop it.

16. Gabriel (2007)

Between Heaven and Hell, that is where the fate of mankind is determined. The GABRIEL film tells the story of an angel who struggles to bring light back to purgatory - the place where darkness prevails - and saves the souls of all humanity.

17. I, Frankenstein (2014)

After Dr. Victor Frankenstein died, his creatures, the living dead were trapped in the war between two eternal races, Gargoyles and demons. He was named Adam. Satan continues to hunt Adam for wanting to enter his body. The devil can only enter the body without a soul like Adam. Two hundred years later, Adam came out of hiding. The demons are figuring out how to make a living body that similar to Adam. And if that happens, it will create an immortal demon armies. Only Adam can stop it.

18. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013)

An ordinary teenager named Clary Fray, realizes that he is a descendant of Shadowhunter, a secret half-angel warrior. Clary is caught in an ancient battle to protect the world from the devil. After her mother's disappearance, Clary had to join the Shadow Hunters group, who introduced her to a dangerous alternative world in New York called the Shadow World, full of demons, witches, vampires, werewolves, and other deadly creatures.

19. Heart and Souls (1993)

The film is centered on four characters. The four died in a bus accident. As a result, the four men became guardian angels of the main character played by Robert Downey, Jr. These four angels consist of former thieves, amateur singers, single-mother and ex-girlfriends who are in trouble. The four angels actually make Downey life more and more volatile.

20. Angels in the Outfield (1994)

The angel named Al is assigned to realize the childhood dream come true. Since this is a Disney movie, then we know that the end in the film is definitely a happy ending. Actor Christopher Lloyd is able to bring up the comical Al. Want to know what his first appearance looks like? He came out of a bottle of soda. He is very fun and easily loved by children.

21. Heaven Can Wait (1978)

If you have a habit of making love like Warren Beatty, then you can not be an angel. HEAVEN CAN WAIT finally chose Buck Henry and James Mason to put a circle on his head and become an angel. Both became angels with different styles. The other one became a beginner angel (Henry) while the other became an upper-level angel (Mason). But one thing in common with these two angels, they love to joke and make the atmosphere cheerful.